Sweet Violet


Intensely fragrant purple violets, Sweet Violet is a cottage garden favorite.

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You will never wonder if this is a real sweet violet – the scent is so strong and sweet, there will be no doubt! Sweet Violets have a gorgeous perfume that emanates from the little deep purple blossoms, which bloom in early spring and usually repeat in October. They have been esteemed for centuries for their scent, medicinal value and as a sweetener for food. Because they are so short, and far away from our noses, you may want to pot some up to bring inside and put on your desk during bloom-time (although they will not live indoors over the long run). These are small plants, growing no more than 6” tall, but they are quite vigorous, and will make good-sized clumps. They do not seed all over the place like some violets do. They were introduced to America during the 17th century. Culture –Sweet Violets are not fussy – plant them in partial shade, in average to damp soil, and in average to rich soil.

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