Skirret blossoms
Skirret blossoms



Perennial vegetable, with edible roots.

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Plant Description

Skirret is a perennial vegetable with a historic pedigree, as it was known to appear at the tables of the ancient Romans. Related to carrots, the root is the edible portion, and it creates bunches of skinny white roots. It is a strong grower, living for years, and will grow in sun or partial shade. For best results, plant them in loose well-composted soil. An added benefit is that the flowers are very attractive to bees and assorted pollinators. Limit of 4 skirrets per order for 2016

Additional Information

Botanical Name

Sium sisarum

Common Name


Height (Inches)


Introduction Date


Cold Hardiness

Zone 3-8

Light Conditions

Partial Sun to Full Sun

Pot Size (Inches)

3″ x 3″ x 4.25″

Pot Size (Fluid Ounces)

13.3 fl. oz.