Old Cellarhole


Phlox ‘Old Cellarhole’ is an heirloom cultivar with lavender-pink color and a strong fragrance.

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Plant Description

Perhaps the most strongly scented phlox, ‘Old Cellarhole’ has a fragrance like baby powder spiced up with curry. This old-fashioned stalwart was literally found by following our noses while driving on the back roads in Walden, Vt, where it was indeed filling up an old cellarhole – hence the name. Extraordinarily vigorous, it will prosper in tough conditions, and reports indicate that it resists mildew even in the humid southern states. The flowers are a nice pink-lavender, with a small rose-pink eye. The florets are smaller than newer varieties yet are produced in great numbers on 8-9″ wide heads, and so one is guaranteed a mass of blossom through August.

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