Natural Feelings


Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ have unique tufted ruddy-pink florets with green streaks.

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The curious effect and color of Phlox ‘Natural Feelings’ is provided by modified bracts – normally green, in this case, they are roughly striped with a ruddy pink, and in the center the pale green petaloid stamens add a frilly touch. One brilliant result of this arrangement is that there are no petals to fade and wither, and, as the flowers are sterile, the panicles remain full and colorful for much longer than is normal, from late July well into September here in VT. It has proven to be a vigorous grower, and a perfect 3 ft. height. The effect is rather that of the ornamental oreganos, with the plants densely topped with panicles, and the stem tops are strongly pigmented with burgundy. Excellent mildew resistance. Developed by Rene van Gaalen.

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'Natural Feelings'

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