Minnie Pearl


Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ is a low-growing white hybrid phlox with shiny foliage.

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Phlox ‘Minnie Pearl’ is a very fine low-growing phlox, and is easy to recommend for many uses, such as edging, massing and for planting between shrubs. Pure white flowers appear in early summer, at 15-20 inches tall. The leaves stays a lovely shiny bright-green, and it seems impervious to wilt, powdery mildew and bacterial spots, so even when not in bloom, the foliage is beautiful. The clumps spread slowly to about 2 ft wide. It can handle hot and dry situations, and so is recommended for southern states. ‘Minnie Pearl’ is not a paniculata Phlox, but evidently a wild cross between Phlox maculata and Phlox glaberrima, which was discovered growing along a roadside in Mississippi by Karen Partlow.

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