Lemon Lily


Lemon Lily, a fragrant heirloom daylily, was a farmhouse favorite.

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The classic farmhouse daylily, Lemon Lily was introduced to American gardens in the 18th century. Pure pale-yellow 4” long trumpet flowers appear in early summer, and are sweetly fragrant. The scent resembles lily-of-the-valley, and another old name for the plant was Custard Lily. The flowers are smaller and daintier in appearance than the big modern daylilies. Slender strap-like leaves remain glossy all summer. Plants are vigorous, and spread well. Hardy Zone 3-9. Height 24-36”. Daylilies are among the easiest of perennials to grow, in full sun or light shade, and are tolerant of most soils. Once settled in, they need no fussing or dividing, and will blossom reliably for many years. Plants are shipped Bare-Root.

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