Helenium ‘September Gold’


Helenium ‘September Gold’ has bright egg-yellow flowers.

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Plant Description

‘September Gold’ is a jolly egg-yellow, with a slight tawny edge and reverse. The cone is green maturing to brown. A tall cultivar, at 62″. For beautiful fall borders, don’t forget to include some sparkling fresh yellows such as ‘September Gold’.


Heleniums prefer to grow in full sun, but will tolerate some shade. For soil, they will grow in well-draining to dry soils, just avoid very wet situations. The soil does not need to be particularly rich, but you will not see the best flowers and foliage if the soils is very poor. They are self-supporting, and do not require staking.

Plants are shipped bare-root in Spring 2020. They have nice good-sized roots, and will be wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and plastic or foil for shipping.

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