Good King Henry


Good King Henry is an easy-to-grow edible perennial with spinach-like leaves.

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Good King Henry is an ancient ‘pot herb’, related to Amaranth. The leaves, young shoots, flower buds and even the seeds are edible. It is usually steamed rather than eaten raw, as it contains tart oxalic acid. Regular harvesting of leaves will generate regrowth, from spring ‘til late summer. 20-30” tall. A vigorous grower and, unlike so many vegetable plants, is thrives in partial shade. Can be planted thickly to act as a ground cover, and can grow under trees, as long as the shade is not dense. Ideal for permaculture. In favorable conditions it will self-sow modestly. Grow in deep rich soil for happiest plants. Hardiness Zone 3 to 7. Pot 3.25″ sq x 3.9″ tall. (Our plants are never treated with chemical pesticides)

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