Flame White Eye


Phlox ‘Flame White Eye’ is white with a neat fuchsia eye, an excellent full bloomer and dwarf in size.

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A vivacious dwarf phlox, ‘Flame White Eye’ is full of life and enthusiasm. It is remarkable how generously this variety is covered with flowers, which are very pretty in white with a concise fuchsia star at the eye. “Flame White Eye’ begins to bloom a week or so before the majority of other phlox, and its diminutive size makes it ideal for the front of the border, and even used in quantity for edging. It is also recommended for mixed containers. Mildew resistance is reputed to be good, and my first year with this cultivar suggests that to be true. From Bartels in the Netherlands. (PP#22211)

Plants are shipped bare-root in Spring 2020. They have nice good-sized roots, and will be wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and plastic or foil for shipping.

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'Flame White Eye'

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