Cover Girl


Phlox ‘Cover Girl’ is medium purple with a paler eye zone, and decent foliage.

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New for 2021

‘Cover Girl’ is one of the sisters in the Garden Girls Collection. This series of cultivars were especially bred to have substantial resistance to powdery mildew. This and ‘Uptown Girl’ are new to me, so the jury is still out, but I can definitely attest to the excellence of ‘Glamour Girl’, so if these are similar in characteristics, they will be winners too! They are supposed to rebloom also.

‘Cover Girl’ is a fairly dark purple, with a slightly whitish eye zone. In my experience, I have found very few of the strongly colored phlox that are mildew resistant, so I’m really hoping this purple will live up to the reviews. Shipped as a Bare Root plant in spring 2021.


New for 2021

Photo courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

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'Cover Girl'

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