Charles Curtis


Phlox ‘Charles Curtis’ has a deep magenta-red color.

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The pips of Phlox ‘Charles Curtis’ are deep magenta-red, each with a pure red eye. The foliage is strong green, with relatively little pigment showing. ‘Charles Curtis’ is described in a 1945 Wayside Gardens catalog as sunset-red, and “the most brilliant phlox in cultivation…a strong grower (with) good clean foliage, and flowers that do not discolor in the sun, or fade with age…in our opinion it is the finest of its color.” It was discovered in the Wayside gardens around 1940, and remained a widely popular and available cultivar into the 1970s. It is quite possibly named after Englishman Charles H. Curtis, author of several garden-themed books, including a 1913 booklet on Phlox, published by the London Agricultural and Horticultural Association.

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