Phlox ‘Caspian’ is dark salmon with a magenta eye and a brilliant late color.

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Plant Description

Phlox ‘Caspian’ has a brilliant dark salmon coloring with a magenta eye. Very tall, and a reliably heavy bloomer, with lots of late strong color. An excellent and handsome grower, it is long-blooming, holds its color well and is reliably mildew-free. It is a fine old ‘amnesiac’, which is what I call, perhaps unfairly, an old phlox cultivar for which we have lost the original name. Unfairly, because it’s not the phlox’s fault that we employ inferior tagging systems. Not that it should care in the slightest anyway. ‘Caspian’ is the home name which I gave to this phlox, which was found in an old garden on the shores of Caspian Lake, Greensboro, Vermont.

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