Blue Spot


Phlox ‘Blue Spot’ is hyacinth-blue in color with a large splashy white center.

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Plant Description

Phlox ‘Blue Spot’ is hyacinth-blue mixed with lavender, and with a large splashy white center. The strongest blue shows on newly opened florets, and the color gradually pales with age, until the oldest florets are nearly white. This variable blue and white combination is always attractive and fresh. The medium height means you can easily look down on this pretty tableau of cool colors. A heavy bloomer, ‘Blue Spot’ originated locally in a nursery in Irasburg, Vermont. Whether it was a chance seedling at the nursery, or, more likely, an older variety found in a garden that had lost its tags, we don’t know, but it certainly is a ‘keeper’!

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Blue Spot

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