Phlox Fest

17th Annual Phlox Fest
Sunday, July 28 to Sunday, August 11, 2019

100’s of Blooming Plants
Garden Tours
Cutflower Display
Door Prizes


For the phlox fanciers among you, we hold a Phlox Festival every year here at the nursery, always the first two weeks in August, and 2019 brings us to the 17th Annual Fest! This is the time when the majority of our 163 phlox are blooming, and so it’s a wonderful opportunity to see dozens of cultivars in bloom, and to see firsthand the differences in color, shape, height and fragrance, which are so difficult to describe in writing. It’s a pretty nice show of color, and we think you’ll be happy to discover how much action there can be in a late summer garden, especially when phlox are combined with other late-bloomers such as heleniums, asters, burnets and coneflowers.

If you are planning a phlox border of your own, there will be no better time to select the cultivars to match your palette perfectly. The phlox display gardens in the back of the nursery have been expanded and, as the plantings mature, will become increasingly useful for reference for visiting gardeners.

During the Fest, Rachel will be leading garden tours every afternoon at 1:00 (except Mondays), although we usually have a guest speaker or two as well, including Dr. Leonard Perry, lately retired from UVM Extension,and a host of WCAX’s ‘Across the Fence’ who is an extremely knowledgeable horticulturalist, and a fan of Phlox. There will be a phlox cut flower display, where you can compare the fragrance and subtleties of color side by side, and you can sign up for door prizes, including a chance to ‘win’ Rachel for a garden consultation.


We hope to see you here!

rachel kane