Custom Services

Leona helping to deliver wedding flowers!

Garden Consultation

Rachel loves to offer solutions to thorny landscape problems! She can help you lay out your yard, suggest plantings and identify plants you inherited with your house. In the area, she can come to your home, or you can bring your photos and notes here to the nursery for a consultation. Please contact Rachel.


Wedding Flowers

Taking advantage of the wealth of plants growing in the gardens and surrounding countryside, Rachel creates lush and naturalistic bouquets and arrangements for weddings and other events. Please contact Rachel.


Custom Growing and Special Orders

We can custom grow plants for large orders and institutions, including plants which we do not normally carry. We can custom grow rare Phlox for you, from the many which we do not normally pot up. You will be able to order in small quantities, but advance time will be three months or more, depending on the season.  Please inquire.



Rachel is an experienced presenter, and can give lectures and slide shows on a wide variety of gardening topics, but particularly about garden history, heirloom plants and their historical uses, and Phlox paniculata.