Phlox ‘Delilah’ is purplish-blue in color and a compact grower.

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A decent medium purple, Phlox ‘Delilah’ is solid in tone with blue-purple buds. It is a good compact and vigorous grower, and a generous bloomer. The color holds up well, and resists fading. It is one of the crowd-pleasers here at the nursery!

This being said – I have some doubts as to whether or not this is the true Delilah, as several (but not all) descriptions from other nurseries or agencies differ from mine, in describing it as a strong reddish-purple). Normally, I would not knowingly offer a plant with a questionable identification, but this is such a fine and hardy purple, that I cannot resist. If anyone can help us clear up the identification, I would be grateful.

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